Soiree de Vienne

Los Angeles, Szalon, May 27th 2012

Gustav Klimt's 150th Birthday

Los Angeles, Hollywood Bowl July 10th 2012

This was the opening night of the Bowl's classical series. In celebration
of Gustav Klimt's 150th birthday and his famous "Beethoven Frieze",
the Los Angeles Philharmonic and the Getty Museum
provide video imagery for the "Ode to Joy" finale
of Beethoven's great 9th symphony.

"Exclusive docent tour for members celebrates Gustav Klimt's 150th birthday
with Klimt's exhibition of drawings and Franz Xaver Messerschmidt's
'The Vexed Man', a masterpiece from his time at the Habsburg court in Vienna."

AACW Sponsor Appreciation Luncheon at the Sea

Malibu, July 2012

Sponsor luncheon held at the Malibu residence of one of the council's trustees.
Superb setting, great food and company at the Malibu home of an AACW sponsor.

Arthur Schnitzler's 150th Birthday

Getty Center and USC, Los Angeles, September 9th 2012

The co-sponsors of the Austrian Consulate General and the Austrian-American Council West celebrate Arthur Schnitzler's 150th Birthday with dramatic readings of 'Arthur Schnitzler-Being Jewish' at the Getty Center and USC. Experience a personal glimpse into Vienna
at the turn of the last century through the writings of this renowned Austrian author.

Austrian-American Day Gala

Los Angeles, Annandale Golf Club, October 6th 2012

Celebrating the 15th Anniversary of Austrian-American Day
with an elegant dinner dance including entertainment,
at the exclusive Annandale Golf Club.

Concert featuring Daniel Serafin and Jasna Popovic

Los Angeles, Villa Aurora, November 11th 2012